Can some members of an overall privileged group be less privileged than some members of an overall underprivileged group?

For instance, a white man can also be poor and physically unnattracive, bringing his overall privilege lower than a black woman who is wealthy and physically attractive. While both people are privileged in some ways over the other, they ultimately end up at an overall level of privilege that is greater or lesser than the other.


"Can some members of an overall privileged group be less privileged than some members of an overall underprivileged group?" There is no such thing as "privileged groups" in the first world. Privilege requires that ALL members of one group received a mandated advantage at the expense of all others. It also requires some authority to bestow that advantage onto the privileged group while imposing measures to ensue that the advantage is not available to anyone else as well. In all the nations of the first world, all persons are treated the same legally regarding Rights, Opportunites and Freedoms. We all have INDIVIDUAL equality. There are no GROUP Rights or privileges. If you were to use the word "advantage" rather than "privilege" in your question, then the obvious answer is yes. We can well imagine that out of all men ... that generally have a physical advantage of greater strength for example ... there will be some women that will be stronger than the weakest men. .

Common Sense

I remember seeing Emma Watson, almost crying as she gave a speech about how oppressed she is a woman. I almost threw up. Emma Watson grew up in a western country at a time women have equal rights in a wealthy family and she earned more money by the time she was 18 than most people will earn in a lifetime.


Yes. In all honesty, class and wealth have far more impact on how privileged someone is than what gender or race they belong to. I also think other factors like attractiveness and intelligence also ultimately play a bigger part than gender or race in a person's success. For example, compare how exceptionally privileged someone like Oprah is to any of the countless homeless white guys you see living out on the streets.


Given any two people, each can have privlieges the other lacks.


depends on what criteria the majority of society is agreeing on .. generally your privilege 'level' is all the way at the bottom if your a white male period lol ..


You are free of course to arrange any "Group™" in any way you wish to make any determination you wish. For example, the Group™ of Y!A Gender Studies Regulars is a VERY special and highly-privileged Group™. Perhaps more privileged than hundreds of other Groups™ you could define. But the individual members of this Group™ who are using only Linux are even MORE privileged than the remaining Group™ members. And those poor souls who are still using a non-Linux PC are far less privileged than, say, the average citizen of a western country. How you choose to define a "Group™" for your purposes is a privilege as well.

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Privilege "theory" is bullshlt. It's how rich white men blame poor white men for the fact that fewer women and minorities are rich. If someone wants to talk about how minorities and women are whipped harder, that's fine, that's only plain fact. But we're ALL getting whipped by the rich. And it ain't a "privilege" to be whipped less hard - unless you think poor people DESERVE to be whipped? And getting whomped on a little less hard means I'm "getting away with something"? Privilege "theory" is based on "rich people's logic" as applied to a slave mentality. "Master, you're sending too much grits and bacon to that other slave's cabin, and you're not whipping him as much as me. Please, Master, send it to mine instead, and deduct some of my beatings, and give them to him." Uhhh... Here's a CRAZY idea - HOW ABOUT WE GET RID OF MASTER AND ABOLISH BEATINGS, AND_SPLIT_ THE GRITS AND BACON???