Women why you get offended when men get grossed out by periods knowing full well if we bled out our ***** monthly most ya would be the same?

Just another hypocritical thing women do lol


A boy might get grossed out, true. Adult men don’t. And it’s not something that men see, anyway. Sounds as though you simply need to grow up.


As others have said, this doesn’t matter. Most people get over it. We all came into the world the same way. Correction- we don’t all go down the same passageway and into the world. For some of us, our mothers had to undergo surgery to be opened up and we were lifted out. Either way, all our mothers bleed, or bled, each month. We all have that in common. No point finding biology gross.

Pearl L

probably cause they dont like sonneone getting grossed out by it

Dont Call Me Dude

Ya know, when people go on and on about various "disgusting" characteristics of the other gender, my instinct is to tell them to go back to their preschool and leave that stuff to adults. I'll tell you the same thing I tell the little girls here who babble about various "disgusting" things about men. Either you'll grow out of it, or you'll be stuck in your childhood forever.


People who are grossed out by normal bodily fluids never grew up. Plenty of women are included in this. Blood, semen, breast milk, vaginal secretions ... all normal bodily fluids. Even urine isn't really gross unless the person has a UTI or is super dehydrated. I have dated many, many men, and only one cared about menstrual blood. The same man also didn't like getting blow jobs because he thought oral sex was gross all around. The man had some issues.


I'm a woman and i agree its stupid to get offended. just because periods are natural doesnt mean that its not gross.. poo is natural but its still gross. anyone that diagrees needs to just accept that its gross and move on.


Jeffrey like little boys.