Has feminism become more about supremacy than equality?



"Has feminism become more about supremacy than equality?" Yes. I'll agree with user Elana however that it's not so much that feminists set out for supremacy as it is that they've convinced themselves that actual equality is not good enough. Think about it ... women in the first world today (for all of my life actually) are fully emancipated, legally autonomous individuals with all the same legal Rights and Opportunities and Freedoms as all other individuals ... including men. This is what the original feminists asked for. But somehow, this is no longer good enough for today's feminists. From this point, feminists have won privileges for women that go beyond equality. And that has been "feminism" for a few decades now with increasing demands for more privileges on the one hand, and the demand that men (only) change in order to facilitate more feminist privileges on the other hand. This -is- a type of supremacy whether feminists set out with that goal or not. .


No - very few of feminists have the idea that they want women to be "supreme" or even that men should generally submit. Yes, there are some, of course. It's a big world, there are a lot of feminists. No, most title bearing feminists' failing is that it has no idea what equality really is. It's easy to see all the good things that are available to SOME men and say they should be available to ALL women. But that's not equality, is it? It's not equality to only push for equal rights but not equal responsibility. It certainly isn't equality when you assume men are guilty but women are innocent (or insane). I have been a feminist for most of my life, but have stopped calling myself that for the last 4 years because of many feminists' tendency to dismiss male pain or effort as easy. Feminists absolutely horrified at the nasty things said to female politicians completely ignoring the horrible things said to male politicians. Feminists absolutely horrified of violence against women while ignoring the more prevalent violence against men. Feminists ignoring female violence because fewer people get hurt, entirely ignoring the malice/aggression that goes behind them. That is, if they expect men to control their malice/aggression but they don't expect women to, are they really pushing for equality or responsibility? It's NOT about supremacy. They simply don't understand what is equal and what is not. There ARE lots of things that can be usefully worked on to improve sexual equality, but since feminism NEVER makes things worse for women in the name for equality for men, the named movement has lost its credibility and cannot be trusted.

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DING DING DING. Wow, first try. Feminism teaches its sheep that men are supreme (patriarchy) and have been for centuries. By extension, they also teach that men have used their supreme position to mistreat, abuse and subjugate women. So "equality" would call for WOMEN becoming supreme and doing to men what they are alleging men have done to them. They are saying men are raping, beating and killing women. You know why? Because that is what they want done to men. In their eyes, this is "justice". Women have been mistreated for centuries. And now it's your "turn". To them, this is what equality means.

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Most certainly feminism in the U.S. and other western countries, for the last few decades at least has been focusing on winning advantages for females, not equality. Feminist organizations have won advantageous policies for females in education, in health care, in job hiring, in business ownership and even in how violent crime is handled. Anyone who says feminism is about equality is either lying or incredibly ignorant. Feminism has proven time and time again, it's not about gender equality. While I agree with the sentiment, I think calling feminism a supremacy movement isn't really accurate. Like "toxic masculinity" it's a term that's meant to appeal to emotion. In fact, I think by saying women need to be advantaged to create a level playing field, feminists are inferring they feel women are less capable, not superior or supreme.


No. Too easy, ooo. Ask something more challenging next time.



They Pelted Us With Rocks And Garbage

No This is a story that scared little men tell themselves to make up for being losers. Wah, I'm no longer given special privileges wah.