I’m so lazy that it’s concerning. What do I do?

So I don’t know why it’s gotten so bad suddenly. I won’t leave my house other than to go to school and work. On weekends I leave my room once maximum. I like never shower anymore, it’s even come to a point where even though I’ll be starving or thirsty, I just won’t eat because I’m too lazy. I won’t go to the bathroom either. This is terrible, please help me in fixing this :(


Perhaps what you need is more sense of duty. If you are shutting yourself away in your room you are depriving your family or house-mates of your company, and you are leaving them to do whatever household tasks you ought to be sharing in. Also, by not eating properly, you will be weakening yourself and making yourself less able to do the proper day's work that your employer is paying for. Try thinking through what other ways you are sinning against other people and neglecting your duty by acting like you are, and that might give you the spur you need to change.


im the same. i guess its just a phase

Pearl L

you nnight have a chennical innbalance nnaking you depressed, nnaybe you should go see a psychiatrist and get on sonne nneds