Why does my husband tell his friends everything he did to me during sex to his buddies?



Because he is immature and feels the need to brag. Frankly, it's kinda strange. How would he feel if you told every detail to your girlfriends?


So they can grin at you later.


Sounds like he trying to look cool in front of his friends. Tell him you don t appreciate your bedroom activities being told to his friends. You don t do that to him. Gossip is not a fruit of the spirit.


It's one of those dumb things guys do with each other. Ask him to respect your privacy and not share this with other guys.

pit bulls bite

we like to share our diversions

Kevin K.

Because he doesn't respect you and you need to put a stop to it.

The AnarchoTechnicist

You should do the same to him with your buddies/

real estate guy

The same reason some women do it.


Cuz guys are like that. His buddies do the same thing too about their girls


This poor sod is just a bit weak in the head. He is fascinated to find that he was even capable of making love to you, having serious doubts about his ability from your first association, and frankly he is boasting in his simplicity to his friends. Such stupidity is not as unusual as you think. Suggest that you tell him very seriously that any more of his nonsense, and he will wake one morning to find he is minus his love making equipment which will curtail his sexual adventures for good. If your intensity is correct, he will without doubt be impressed.


Why, to award him/herself best answer of course. The lower case t on your name makes you look like the prick with the tie, or the bleeding period. In the event you are for real, it is because he knows that soon you will stop having sex, after you have acquired what you wanted.


cut him off