Should the husband lead his household and the wife be submissive?

When a couple gets married is the wife supposed to let her husband lead and be the head of the household? The women should be the help mate and the two spouses should discuss certain things but the husband has the final say?


Fork that schist.


What an antiquated idea. Some men are incapable of leading anything, and some women can't be submissive to save their lives. Couples will always have their own dynamic.


The man leads the house, but the woman is not his slave. They should be supportive and tender toward each other.

Law Abiding Citizen

Yes, in the biblical sense. That is the recipe for a godly, successful marriage. But like one person here says, people consider this an "antiquated" idea (old, therefore automatically wrong) so I'm guessing this person is also ok with the divorce rates which followed society chucking this "antiquated" idea. Society has deteriorated to the point where "leader" and "submission" have also been redefined, primarily by women. Women determine what a leader is and what constitutes "submission", so that by the time they finish redefining it, they don't mean what they originally meant. This is to sucker in the traditional saps who think they are getting a "submissive" woman who wants a "leader". In reality, she wants a beta slave provider she covertly manipulates under the guise of "submission". So good luck finding that unicorn who actually believes in being submissive and allowing you to lead.

The AnarchoTechnicist

My left testicle is submissive to my right testicle.

Coach Simon

There is no "supposed"! If everyone read books like Dr Phil McGraw's excellent, Relationship Rescue they would get deeper insights into how relationships work and learn to be much happier! (I wish I got commission, as I recommend it to so many people!). As he writes in the book, it isn't only or people whose relationships are in trouble. There are other books, of course.

Trivial One

Maybe in 1819. Not in 2019. They are mates, partners and neither is fully in charge of the household. As partners they share responsibility.