So we the peasants will be required to drive little Euro Cars and eat Government Rationed Food?

Meanwhile the Socialist Elites (who made their millions from Capitalism) will be flying Private Jets, Driving Big SUV's and eating Caviar and Filet Mignon. Are you Democrats okay with this? Granted a bit of an .exaggeration....or is it?

YB Logical

Apparently, the Democrat masses are fine with the leadership being the ones who control ALL of the wealth and are flying Private Jets, driving Big SUV's and eating Caviar and Filet Mignon, because, surely they know that it is ALWAYS like this in every Socialist Country and the rest of the people are ALWAYS equally poor.


That's exactly what socialism will do. It's sad too many people, especially young people, are too uneducated to realize it.

Avalon are practically describing U.S. society today. The peasants suffer and are sucked dry while people like your bloated, orange corpse the president get fatter and his coffers become overfull with his ill-gotten loot. How on earth is this freedom? At least your doomsday scenario paints a picture of us actually GETTING something. Perhaps you should try harder.

Bubba Ray

Sure why not? If Trump can use national emergency to build a wall, a Democrat can use national emergency to get rid of coal, cigarettes, and guns.


In case you haven't noticed the concentration of wealth to the top 1% has continued unabated for decades without any socialism.


Good rant Bro, any more today