Suicidal and worthless?

I on an adult guy black work and still single and lonely. Been told I was handsome, asked if I had a girl. I send messages on dating sites. But either dont get reply or get reply and nothing else. Seems any guy can get a girl. I dontcaooroach women in oerson because of rejection. And i have to have the opportunity. I'm just worthless


Thanks for sharing.

The AnarchoTechnicist

I've had similar experiences. Finding a woman is VERY tough. What I've learned is that there's either someone for you or there isn't. I came to terms with the fact that I'm meant to be alone years ago. And that's a not a bad thing either. You can't base all of your self worth on whether or not you have a woman. Just enjoy your freedom and independence. While your friends are involved in relationship drama you can instead be focused on work, hobbies, education, traveling, and other worthwhile pursuits. Take it from me.


you need confidence. you have to believe in yourself, even when others don't. women can smell desperation a mile off. Be respectful, gentlemanly, smart, and funny. Look women in the eye and listen to them. see if you have anything in common. that's the key.


You're missing a sin. Superbia. It's pride. If you want someone, just roll up on them, and say "Wanna date?". If she says no, you're wasting your time. If she says anything not completely negative, you have a chance. EZ

Marie And Alan

You may be suicidal, which is sad, and for which you need support. are NOT worthless , God makes no,rubbish. You are valuable. Widen your circle of friends so that more can discover that. One of them will just click.


try online dating?