What are your thoughts on more and more women starting to perform male jobs?

Building, firefighting, etc Do you think people will trust them less than their male counterparts?


Fine so long as they are qualified and the best candidate. Problems arise when we lower standards for women or hire women who are less qualified than male applicants.


"What are your thoughts on more and more women starting to perform male jobs?" I have no opinion on this so long as everyone meets the same ONE standard, and the most suitable person gets the job. I have issues when inequality and unfairness sets in such as when affirmative action and job quotas come into play. I do notice that it is currently "chic" to purposely hire women into these previously male-domain positions mostly for the optics of appearing "progressive" or as a good corporate citizen under our PC culture. Much of this is a function of normal human bias, so even here I don't care -too much- about it. It's when legally imposed discrimination is sanctioned that I have a real problem. .


My thought is that women have no business acting like men and doing their jobs and roles.


As long as they can do the job I have no issue with it.


in my opinion, we shouldnt do mens jobs since we are physically weaker


I have no problem with any demographic performing a job as long as you don't lower the standards in order to accept that candidate. If you need to be able to drag a hose up a ladder or carry a person down a ladder to be a fire fighter, no, I don't think they should be hiring people for that job if they can't do it. But yes, there are some women who can do that as well or better than most men and why shouldn't they do that?

They Pelted Us With Rocks And Garbage

I think you're a loser, who knows he can't compete in a fair market place of labor. "male jobs" what a complete chump. It isn't 1950.


The entire concept of "male" or "female" jobs is outdated. Theres just jobs. If a person is physically and mentally capable of doing a job, and willing to do so, they can.


It's all about ensuring the fertility rate continues to decline. Women should be at home looking after the children while men should be at work providing for them.