Whats worse: school shootings or abortions...?



School shootings


both are great


the world is already overpopulated...so both are actually good


School shootings.

Marie And Alan

Murder is worse.....by very definition RANDOM murder. Abortion msy be an undesired last choice. Those of us who have not been there have no right to judge.


School shootings, by far. First off, even if you completely believe that fetuses should have all the rights according to post birthers, school shootings kill a larger number of people PER INCIDENT. That is, the mind set of the person(s) who decide to do this is fully knowing that their goal is a high body count. The mind set of someone aborting is at absolute worst, to kill one (or a very small) number of people. But I don't accept that the life of a fetus is ethically worth (in any useful sense) the life of a post birther. You're trying to make it hard line at conception but since MOST products of conception fail in one way or another (but you'll never know about them as they are microscopic), that's just not legally/medically tenable. Is it really murder to not do everything you possibly can to prevent the death of an ectopic pregnancy? Really? Pro-lifers tend to not really understand what goes on in pregnancy. The black box model of sperm/egg go in, baby comes out is not sufficient for a reasonable discussion of ethics.


school abortions

Simpson G.

Worse? How??


Killing the innocent is killing the innocent. Killing children is killing children.


From a legal viewpoint and from a Human Rights viewpoint, obviously school shootings are worse. Children who have feelings and don't want to get hurt/die are being killed and injured by the dozen, compared to women who simply want to be able to get rid of a parasite. How can you even compare the two?