Why would men want revenge on women who killed them socially by falsely accusing them of rape when the damage is already done?

That’s the worst part of it, females can damage boys, men and guys socially with false rape accusations and not be affected at all about the consequences cuz they know nothing is worse than being a man being falsely accused of sexual abuse.


Yes, something is worse than false accusations. Rape is worse than false accusations. I am the adult survivor of a brutal rape at knifepoint, a rape that left me torn and required me to be hospitalized for three days. Why all the rants about rape and false accusations? EDIT: I don't know which explains things better - you being gay or this: "Me, they’re entitled motherfvckers who think their rights consist at the expense or distress of males." If more men who were unjustly accused would sue the accuser, perhaps there would be fewer false reports.

Mio of A Colorless World

Wouldn't you want some form of justice, if not full blown revenge if someone screws up your life by this method? Or would you be all smiles and sunshine and say, "oh it's fine"? Ⓜ!③


Get over it whores