Why is responding to misandry with misogyny a thing?

There was a question on this website which said "Why do we even need men?" And the responses were: "Without men you would have nothing done!" "You would still live in grass huts!" "There would be no technology!" Like WTF, women were oppressed and this is why they invented less. I am not saying that I agree with the question asking person, who is on the same level of stupidity as the people answering, but you do not respond to hate with hate.

Dont Call Me Dude

It's a deliberate provocation. Eliciting misogyny is what misandrists WANT - then they can say, "See? I was right." And round and round and round and round it goes, and gets worse with every circuit. Deliberate misandrists are the MOST selfish possible permutation of feminism - DELIBERATELY making things worse for their own perverted satisfaction. Personally, I work pretty hard at not giving them what they want. A lot of the fellas that DO give them what they want would be pretty hard to reach in the first place, but most feminists aren't interested in reaching them (or teaching!) to end sexism anyhow. Provocation is usually their MAIN activity. Sometimes it's under the fake label "irony," but it's the same crap. Like it or not, most feminists are not about fighting sexism. They are after male-bashing opportunities. If this wasn't so, misandry wouldn't be so common in their movement, and every time a misandrist opened their mouth, they would be drowned out by a bunch of angry feminists. Which literally NEVER happens.

The AnarchoTechnicist

Some people think that two wrongs make right. The guys responding were every bit as wrong as the woman asking.


Many people are easily triggered when they read/hear/encounter hate against their own gender. They have the emotional reflex reaction of responding in kind (which they believe is fighting fire with fire.) Obviously, it does nothing but exacerbate the situation. Personally, I disagree with all kinds of hate - there are good and bad among men and women and there are both men and women who've done great things and terrible things (both historically and in the modern day.)


Men generally don't respect women to begin with. Misogyny is as ubiquitous as table salt. What else would they respond with?