Why are people so hostile towards me because I am autistic and did some stupid stuff in the past?

So I have been recently diagnosed with autism and I am 24 years old. When I was 16 I did something stupid and got my family estranged from one of my aunt and uncles. I took a dvd from my uncles house without asking and then lied and denied stealing it. My parents yelled at me over it so I started a whole arguement over this and lied about my uncle beating me up and filed a police report and got my cousins arrested. Years have past and we've now recently reconnected but there is still bitter and hostile towards me. I've changed for the better and I am a better person now. People are still bitter towards me over the whole situation. My cousin was recently talking to her sister about how I recently got diagnosed with autism and her husband butted in and said whatever happens to him he is not allowed to stay at my house cause he got me arrested under false pretenses and I am glad that karma got him back and got him arrested for unlawful use of telephone. I hate how he brought up about my arrest. The police thought I was playing around with the phone when I called for help cause I was suicidal and arrested me instead of getting me help that I need. I just don't understand why people are still hostile and have a grudge on me against this. I don't get why people don't believe me that I have changed for the better. Why are people like this towards me ?

Marie And Alan

Not all people will be hostile. Many will attempt to understand. Not all will do do adequately.....but there, you need to understand their limitations


Hey Jacob. No point in going anonymous if you're going to comment, for future reference. If your relatives can't be forgiving considering that you have a mental disorder and have already apologized, I would suggest ignoring them. It's not as if they're even really family, it would be another thing entirely if they were your mom, dad, or anyone in your immediate family. Anyways, there's no need to speak to them at all if they can't understand someone with autism who did something literally almost a decade ago. I hope this helps <3

Pearl L

cause theyre being nnean about it


It's karma. Don't worry. May you be so well. May all be so well.


Autism or not what you did was wrong, apologize if you havent and understand the consequences of your actions.


😄 Autism is never convenient for caretakers.