Why do people assume men age better than women just because they don't develop wrinkles as early?

There are so many other ways that there is a difference between the aging of men and women, so many ways where men have it worse than women, but yet people only pay attention to wrinkles. I love how nearly 90 percent of people over here don't read the descriptions and than give answers which don't even answer the question. When are you all going to understand? This is not what the question is about! The question is about why people say women age worse only because of wrinkles, and don't pay attention to all the ways men age worse in. They care so much about women's wrinkles but somehow manage to ignore men's beer bellies, balding, hair turning grey and deep forehead wrinkles. @anonymous: it's this type of people I don't get and clearly got brainwashed by our society. Man has deep wrinkles on forehead, is balding and has a huge beer belly? Everything's all right. Woman started developing wrinkles on face? She ages so badly! She turns so unattractive!


It’s normal for answers to this kind of question not to give much besides an opinion. There seem to be more men than women in GS so that might have something to do with it. If you were to base youthfulness on grey hairs, on average men get grey hairs a few years before women. Women’s skin gets looser as they age though, and women do tend to want cosmetic surgery far more than men. A youthful appearance is more valued in women than men. So perhaps that’s why people may believe men always age better than women. Women’s jaw lines become looser. Men seem to sprout hair in places it wasn’t visible before, such as their ears and nose. In any case, we can say that we’re dying from the moment we’re born. It’s all temporary.

The Laughing Sandhog

Because people make decisions based on appearances. Per your edit, perhaps you should use the "description" to be descriptive rather than gripe and rant.

Green Brick

It could be that when we go through the menopause, it gives us less elastic skin, so if say, a woman never wears sun screen or smokes or drinks to excess, she will start ageing and getting wrinkles. Men however, don't show the signs as early as women, as their hormones, decrease slowly.


i think men look good with forehead wrinkles because it looks rugged and still manly and hair turning grey is not an issue since u can always dye it

Ackiller J

Men have deep wrinkles. Women just have fine lines.


Basically its because women have more stress than men,hence why we get wrinkles more early.