Why are there many and many people who are anti-feminists now?


I Call It Like I See It

Because they recognize it for the hate group that it is.

Trilby McTip The Wrestling Smark

Because I find man hating disgusting. Im for gender equality. Feminism has turned into a man hating cult. Im not gonna side with a group where I've seen people who consider themselves feminists say stuff like "Men are sub human" and "All men are sexist" and "Men are what's wrong with the world". Hating men and hating women is as disgusting as each other. People don't choose to be born male and female. If it wasn't for the obvious rampant man hating. I wouldn't have an issue with Feminism. F*ck man hating scum.


I am anti-feminist because I oppose all hate movements, not just feminism.


FACT IS... the feminist movement was hi-jacked quite some time ago by 'radical militant' types. There is a reason only 22% of American AND Canadian women define themselves as feminist and that is because the feminist movement of today longer represents them.

Common Sense

There are more anti-feminists now because it's becoming clearer an clearer that believing in gender equality is an anti-feminists position. You can't want women to be advantaged over men as feminists do and promote gender equality, they are opposing ideas. If you spend anytime here, you will notice it's typically feminists that label those who promote gender equality as anti-feminist. Christina Hoff Sommers says she's a feminist because she believes in equality for women, but many feminists say she's not really a feminist because she also promotes equality for males. I don't think many people are changing their values regarding equality, it's just becoming more and more clear that feminism isn't about equality and that if you oppose sexism, that includes opposing feminism and all the ways it promotes sex based discrimination.


The thing is, "feminism" is a word. The concept of bringing people to equality - hey, I really don't think you're going to get much argument on that, at least, not much argument with any traction, in this group, anyways. Where you WILL get argument is where "feminism" intersects with that. There are lots of people who identify themselves as feminists who really strive for that across all kinds of venues. That is a wonderful thing. However, there are lots of large organizations that identify themselves as "feminist", the largest of which is NOW (the American National Organization of Women) which has such a horrible track record of sexist actions, that it has forever stained the idea of "feminist". You'll really have a very difficult time calling yourself a feminist in the US and not be associated with things that NOW have done like lobbying to get rid of the assumption of joint custody, arguing against the concept of parental alienation, strong arming OXFAM to not support male victims of sexual violence (though supporting female victims was OK), lobbying for more girl empowerment programs in K-12 while fighting against having any of that money available to boys who are graduating 20% less in high school, 25% less in college, and commtting suicide 4 times MORE than girls, etc, etc. So, want to call yourself a feminist? Go ahead. This is who you're associating with: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fOCD_T9Qqpc http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qodygTkTUYM http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nvYyGTmcP80 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FWgslugtDow http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rOnuZsXRwTA http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mH8RqgGcGGM http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ABIJzxxwNk And if you're thinking "but not all feminists are like that", perhaps so, but: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AQWoNhrY_fM There is a reason why more and more people who are fighting for equality want nothing to do with the title "feminist": http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/04/16/feminism-poll_n_3094917.html The term has been so polluted, that using it does you more harm than good. But if YOU choose to keep using it, then YOU are the one that is impeding your own work.


Because people are starting to see the insidious end game of feminism. Either women give up feminist misandry voluntarily or they'll be forced by foreign invaders.


Oh, I don't know. Are you meaning to tell me that feminism isn't a warm and inviting movement? Why would anyone reject something like feminism? Oh jeez, I don't know what's going on! How dare people think for themselves! Who do they think they are?! An individual?! Haven't you got the memo?! Feminism is never wrong and if you disagree with it, than clearly, you're a bigot...don't ya know?!!!


"Why are there many and many people who are anti-feminists now?" Most people are anti-feminists because they are critical of the dogmatic ideological stuff that feminism has come to represent. People are tired of the modern feminist promotion of inequality and outright bigotry against men that gets passed off as "gender equality" and "women's rights" ... which is downright deceptive. Feminists want us to believe that feminism is sitll a bunch of suffragettes lobbying for basic rights, when in reality today, in the first world, all women have complete equality to men via legal Rights, Opportunities and Freedoms. Feminists are fighting for things BEYOND equality now. And almost universally, all feminists use the excuse that they are still somehow not equal and fighting for basic equality. Most people can see this charade for what it is. But more often than not, most people are calling out the selfish bigoted attitude and promotion if inequality by feminists. .


because feminists are annoying


Because the male hating feminists crossed the line. Since they are butt ugly and no one wants them they are turning into female incels. I want a skinny virgin Asian wife that obeys my every commend. That tend to tick off the ugly and fat female incels. Because male hating feminists like to say “all women are beautiful and it’s doesnt matter how huge she is”. Uh yeah it does matter because I won’t get turned on by a fat ***


Self preservation. Some people can sense horror on the wind before others. The near future is inevitable. Western women will be losing all of their rights. There is no other scenario. The only choice to make is, do they lose them hard or soft. ... western women are in the bargaining phase.


I like hate groups. Tells the truth about all people.


Me no understood. Can be you're grammmer.

No Regrets

Our society naturally swings back and forth from the political right to the political left every couple of years- just like a pendulum. It keeps everything in balance. We went through a cultural period of liberally-leaning ideas. (Case in point, the United States finally legalized gay marriage. The world also made an agreement to address climate change under the Paris Climate Accord. The US is the only country in the world that didn't sign thanks to Trump and the oil industry, but Obama planned for the US to sign the agreement). Currently, the political pendulum in the US has swung past moderate conservatism and more towards the extreme right. The rise of the Tea Party and other radical groups is the result of this cultural shift. Things like Feminism will inevitably attract more criticism because it is a liberal-leaning ideology. Liberal feminism calls for the change of culture whereas conservatism pushes for the return of traditionalism. Feminism is not the only liberal ideology under fire at the moment. Fortunately this extreme, conservative shift will diminish the misdeeds of radical feminism, but classical feminism that is moderate and sensible shouldn't be dismantled in its entirety. The political pendulum will eventually swing back towards the left again to counter-balance what is occurring today. The question is when and how strong will the political left be.

They Pelted Us With Rocks And Garbage

Social retardation is up, largely due to computers and video games. So rather than admit they're to blame for their problems, these people blame a conspiracy of feminists.


the feminist movement is becoming bigger so naturally there would be a growth in haters too. also due to some who claim to be feminist but have fautls in their preachings causes other to become hateful towards the feminist community as a whole instead of understanding what they truely fight for


because a lot of people are wussies. You will find the same types in the group that pretends there is a "white genocide" going on


Need better description and more details.