Why do people only use the fact that women develop wrinkles earlier than men as their support to why men age better?

And they ignore all the other ways in which men actually have it worse than women.


Because that's their opinion.


Why is this topic so important to you? People look at age through the skin and physical characteristics apparent to them. Men talk of women aging more because they're attracted to women and thus notice aging in women more. Women talk of women aging more because they are concerned about aging themselves.


Men are unimportant. Anything a man is better at is immedately shot down as sexist and unequal. Men can never be victims of anything, they have all rights and privlages above women... Apparently... and I'm still waiting for for day.


''the fact that women develop wrinkles earlier than men'' Source? I've never heard of this stereotype much less ''fact''. The only truth I know about aging differences between the sexes is that men die first. Some say there are more women then men in this world, and it is true, but this is because men tend to die earlier. Genders are about equal numerically in their 20's, but as the age goes up the gap widens, there are far more women who are 70 year old then men who are 70 year old.


what other ways do men have it worse in aging? if they dont put on weight then i dont see how they have it worse