Why doesn't anyone care that sex and gender have been used interchangeably as synonyms for many years anymore?

Sure gender is a "spectrum" but many feminine men still identify as male and most masculine women identify as female. Bonus: what's the difference between gender expression and gender identity? Even most intersex people identify as either male or female and they happen to have both male and female genitals in some sort of way. SJW'S are making gender overly complicated. We don't need all these made-up genders or new pronouns like ze and zir. Transgender people are strange enough, but even many of them identify as male or female.


We do care, that's why WE don't use them interchangeably. yours truly doesn't even confuse sex with sexe


Actually there is no "spectrum" of either sex nor genders for you have either XY or XX, and there are no other combinations. One can present themselves as the other but genetically they are either or.


Because it's useful to have different words for sex and gender. The difference between gender expression and gender identity is why a drag queen can consider himself male regardless of what he's wearing.


Liberals have been brainwashed into believing that you are what you feel, rather than taking biological fact into account . Some of them seem to want to be cool and edgy by identifying as a gender fluid androgynous agender pansexual or whatever and some others actually believe that nonsense. Most people, however, don't believe in it and still recognize that there are only two genders (male = XY and female = XX.) Gender expression is how a person behaves, dresses, talks etc in relation to whether or not they're more masculine or more feminine. Gender identity is a person's own sense of their gender (i.e. what they "feel" they are in terms of male or female or one of the made up nonsensical genders.)


Some people don't know what words mean. Give them a break. I'll agree with that update tho. I'm cool with trans people but don't make up some new **** I don't want new ****.


Oh I think lots of people care - but don't expect that that viewpoint will ever be given a public stage simply becasue people care. The fact you aren't hearing that in mainstream, is no indication that the opinion that gender and sex are interchangeable words for the same thing, doesn't exist. An agenda is being driven, and it doesn't include people who see gender as binary, or not independently variable from sex. It's a socially cancerous viewpoint which is crafted to attack the core of what has created a stable successful society - the traditional nuclear family