Has a guy ever told you that he likes you in your bra and how did you react?



That sounds tame compared to what people have said. One that i always remember is one day I went for some things I needed for breakfast to the corner store. It was a cold winter morning so I put on a pair of pajama pants, uggs and and old hoodie and went down. There were a couple of guys there and when they see me one of them says "Oh my God!! you have the biggest tiits I have ever seen!" I just said "really? Oh well, good to know" I grabbed a basket and began picking my provisions. He follows me and tells me "I will give you $100 if you show them to me" I could not believe it, but he flashed the $100. I took it, unzipped my hoodie and flashed them. I will never forget their faces!!


I would say he doesn’t like your boobs with your bra off


oh honey.. that’s nothing compared to what I’ve been told.


I'm uncircumcised