If I am a middle-aged male virgin, have I lived a worthless life?



When it comes to the wonders of sex you have.


Stop with that stereotype. Being a virgin isn't a bad thing. Actually giving your virginity away just because you don't want to be called a virgin anymore as if it's a derogatory statement is terrible and dishonest to yourself. Screw what other people think, you live your life the way you want.


of course not

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There are a-sexual people(people not motivated by sexual urges and prefer to cuddle and hug with no sex ever). They have meaningful lives with friends, interests in photography, art, fitness, volunteering, etc. So, life does not define success by age virginity was lost and if it was in fact lost. Your sex life is your right to keep private. People will only know you're a virgin if you share that. If you are longing to have sex, but havent, I'd need to find out whats the issue by discussing your social skills and maybe identifying some things that have yet to be tried. For every pot in life, there is a lid, promise! If you are a good person, treat others well, then no, your life's not wortthless. If you feel you are inside, work on self esteem by accomplishing small goals. This iss not only an esteem booster, it will boost your endorphins and give u that feel good feeling. Make a list and go for it!!!!

The 90 Year Old: Homeless, Unemployed, Virgin

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depends on if you base your life on just whether you have had sex.


Depends On Your Mental Health and Mindset and Of Course Mental State


Did you publish any scientific papers, or get a patent?


If you've been developing a cure for cancer then no