I see this odd looking guy downtown by himself all the time. Does he have any life or worth whatsoever?



yeah, everyone does.

Zugly Monster

YES!!!! you know nothing about this man. Nothing. Maybe he's homeless and stays at a shelter, most make people leave during the day. Value as a person is NOT judged on how someone looks. Its who they are inside. How they treat other ect

Rick B

How on earth would we know?????

A C: Yes. He is of value to God. See John 3

Yes. He is of value to God. See John 3:16


same as you


last time, i saw that guy; he was lying on a bus bench, struggling around, with a string of snot stuck in his nose at least two-feet long. filthy dirty, not really conscious, nasty with that snot nose; phew. he was really high on heroin, and did not even know or care ....


Probably a homeless bum or something.