It is sad when grown adults cannot perceive the difference between PR, and reality?


Doctor P

Limits to Human Perception ... and How They Shape Your World


You should have said "fiction" because Public Relations, unlike fiction, is deliberately DESIGNED to trick people. I don't blame adults who aren't paying attention mostly for being tricked by people trying to trick them. I blame the PR. Fiction is a whole other thing that adults unfortunately cannot distinguish from reality, through no fault of the fiction creators.


Is it sad that a person doesn't know that all adults are grown, or how and when to use a comma? I'd say so.

Truth of Vandarism - the rise and fall

Untrue. Who knows the true nature or intentions of others, no one, for all are driven by the self consciousness and adjudge the world relative to it. Oscar Wilde - worser than being talked about, is not being talked about ... Ergo, ipso facto, if one is talked about, discussed, is unintentionally the subject of gossip and discussions then the moral imperative is to ensure, to ones ability to do so, that what they hear, discuss and think are worth the time applied to the action. To be consistently interesting, of good judgment, ( sound only to those resonating with it) and moreover, fair. Realistically, the judgment of potherbs subjective, as a mind ensnared, in torment, by a mob driven by known culprits, should be the consensus, when it is not, the collective blinkered eye, makes for a partially sighted, dual nature, duplicitious society. To my mind ... Why I've begun blogging answers here Im not quite sure, but this much I know, that the droning dulcet tones of a mind made familiar by its wavering manic madness entwined about its unerring wisdom is unquestioningly addictive to those who resonate with its despair sorrow and pain. Theretofore one must return to right all the wrongs one has blogged previously. That influence, if any, was, is and always will be, to find the perfect way of thinking, not telling others or influencing others in what to think, for my truth is not yours, nor your truth the truth of your entirety of fellow man. That is all I know, as we spiral, pushed by the objectors to our free spirited free thinking brain, to dementia, insanity and the madness of being enclaved within our maladjusted minds, in a fast paced rapidly moving, constantly changing society.


You should have said "fiction" because Public Relations, unlike fiction, is deliberately DESIGNED to trick people. I don't blame adults who aren't paying attention mostly for being tricked by people trying to trick them. I blame the PR.


There would be no PR if most adults duly perceive how different it is from reality. It is because the majority is gullible, that so much money is spent across all nations and populace on PR and Publicity. Probably we inherently look for 'make-believe' as we often find the truth rather harsh or bitter.

Prasad: proverb

proverb: People vary greatly in character, tastes, and abilities (often used as a comment on what the speaker feels to be strange behaviour) it takes all kinds to make a world Alternative forms: it takes all kinds it takes all sorts it takes all sorts to make a world it takes all types it takes all types to make a world Diversity is essential: the world would be incomplete if everyone were alike. “Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust apon them” — William Shakespeare (via giveandletliive) “Some people dream of success… while others wake up and work hard at it.” “Anyone who says sunshine brings happiness has never danced in the rain.” Our interests and behavioral dispositions are as unique as our fingerprints. Even within a family, one’s way of being happy may not be the same with another. One, for example, may find that he is happier when he is in a contemplative mood and his twin brother, steeped in group laughter and fun, may find solitary disposition rather boring. We notice that the differences grow bigger when one has to deal with people from other cultures. Humans are free to do what they want, without this freedom there could be no morality. In such a case, no basis for what could be deemed as good or bad behavior in the eyes of a God because without freewill we would just be pre-programmed unable to change or alter what has already been laid out in front of us. There are only two things certain in each one of our lives, we live, and then we die, everything in between is up to the individual. Hard determinism only clouds the mind if we are enslaved to thinking we are free, then those who believe that they have no control over life are going through life making decisions based on what they perceive as pre-determined. To say we have a path set for us is to make us no more than a robot, and because robots cannot discuss topics intelligently and cannot act intelligently in situations proves that theory wrong. We all have identity each human individual is unique even twins are different. Our minds are just as unique as our fingerprints Every child is born with a unique set of personality traits. Ask any woman who has given birth to two or more children and she will attest to the fact that while still in the womb her children showed marked differences in their behavior. Each of us is at the center of our own world. Each individual experiences his or her own life more fully than anyone else can. No one else. For each of us, our own tapestry of highly personal and unique experiences influences how we perceive ourselves. we are the masters of our own identity and we fabricate our personalities based on what we deem essential.