Was it anxiety or what was it?

Again, I felt the sweat in my palms (hands) and a bit in my stomach region, and I have no idea what to make of it. Like someone was talking about me and all of a sudden, I get this surge of sweat even on my back and behind my neck, basically there even my underarms or just that small area I got full of sweat. Just of a person (again) for a few moments until it entirely left, and I was at school. I had that years ago with the same person 3 or 4 years ago with the same feelings and sweat / nervousness. Idk why it happens or what it means, but it’s weird. It happened once this year with the same person I saw at school but this time, I heard them. And then my body acted weird for a few moments. Do you know what it was? It only happens to them (or on rare occasions with my crush years ago or some other people). It’s like I can feel their energy. Thanks for your time & answers. I don’t do drugs... Anyway, I don’t think “energy” was the right word because it depends, like few days ago, I felt the same sweating, nervous self a few days ago, and I was walking down the stairs at my school but it was a crowd of people and I never get that only rare occasions, so it must have meant something or I was getting nervous because of a person but idk who and I just be like that sometimes.

Pearl L

nnaybe you should go see a psychiatrist, they nnight be able to give you sonne nneds for it


Cocaine intoxication