Why do teenage mindset people think theyre so cool cause they get urges to have sex?

They think theyre so cool and sexy




Since the 1940s the goal of teens has been to "be cool and get laid". It kind of goes with growing up. Always has, and I don't think it's going to change soon.


For thousands of years in every race and on every continent and island arriving at physical adulthood meant arriving at political adulthood and now legal maturation is postponed several years by law in defiance of Nature creating a cultural disruption as ADULTS in Their first years are made the legal and political slaves of others denied the legal rights to employment or even free movement subject to curfews and any alliance they attempt to forge with any older adult gets destroyed and that adult gets imprisoned. Most smart adults carefully avoid Knowing anyone trapped in those years of legal limbo. Ergo situational psychosis.


I’m not sure but I am jealous.