Am I mentally ill? Delusional? I exaggerate how much control my family has over me and make them seem like they mistreat me?

And I believe it at the moment I am telling other people. For example If someone in my family was just yelling at me I’d retell it later as they were yelling and throwing things around the room. I’m scared that I’m mentally ill I’m in my 20s


Low self esteem. You exaggerate to make people feel for you since you think no one will care about you otherwise. What your doing is harming your family.


Youre quite cruel and manipulative. Yo should see a psychiatrist.

Judy & Charlie

You are attention seeking and pitiful. Why would you do this? And if by some chance you get someone to actually feel sorry for you, what do you do with it? Why do you need this?


Sounds like your seeking attention but reconizing you do this is awesome. Coming from personal experience, I believe the best thing you can do, if not to seek therapy, is to stick to the truth. If you tell twist a story so often you can start believing that as truth, which obviously be really hurtful to yourself.