Do you think this phobia is bad enough to get therapy? People say I should get it treated but IDK if it's really making my life that bad?

I have a fear of parasites which has led to a fear of bugs. Some examples that show to what extent this really affects me is basically, I don t eat with utensils that touched raw meat even though I know it s highly unlikely that a parasite would 1) be in that meat and 2) be transmitted through a utensil. My sister loves raw fish but she and I can never share plates or forks if she s eaten raw fish with them. Also, we have a cup that I saw a fly land on once (probably 10 years ago) and I never drank out of that cup again. It s been in the dishwasher multiple times since then, and I know it s completely irrational, but I m never gonna use that cup. Also, if I m shooing a fly away and it touches my finger, I have to go wash my hand immediately. Otherwise I feel this like tingling feeling on that finger (which I know is in my head) but I have to wash it. Also at college, someone saw something that sort of looked like a bed bug in our lounge so exterminators came and cleaned it, but there s no way I ll ever step foot in that lounge again. We have to walk through that lounge to get to and from the elevator so I just take the stairs all the time now. I know these things are irrational, but it s not like it makes my life that bad. I just don t know if it s enough to get therapy for it.


No,That seems senseless to even bother. Unless you get more.


Some people prefer self-help for phobia. Psychiatrist David Burns discusses this in his best-seller The Feeling Good Handbook. A therapist's time is costly, so treatments programs are liable to proceed at a rate the client is not comfortable with. Your question remind me of one from a germaphobe, who rated this answer Best, 5 stars.