How do I deal with this anxiety (read description please)?

The closest place in walking distance to my house is a mall and because I can't afford transportation yet it's pretty much my only option to get a job at one of the stores in the mall. I am now out of high school and I'm a college student but I've lived in the same city my whole life (almost 19 years) so I worry about running into people from my past if I were to work at the mall. It's the main mall in my area and mostly everyone goes there. How do I just get a job there and not let my anxiety of seeing/having to deal with people affect me? I have severe social anxiety and I'm not sure the best way to effectively deal with this situation. I'm also so self-conscious and insecure and over-worry which would make working more challenging. Working at the store in the mall is most convenient and practical for me. Can someone help by giving advice or tips on how to deal with my work anxiety? Thank you.


Instead of looking at the bigger picture of things in your life how about you focus on one step at a time, so you won’t become overwhelmed and jump to crazy conclusions. Yes, you may run into someone you know, but almost everyone does working in retail or grocery. The only reason you don’t run into them when they are in uniform is because you don’t have transportation. I have anxiety too, so I know this won’t help much but it needs to be said: you can worry about seeing people you know when the time comes.


It be great if you went for psychological help. You can get something to calm you down.


see a therapist or get counseling about this. an employment specialist will take u to the mall to help u find a job in the mall. If the mall have a movie theater, u can work in it's movie theater and do ticket taking or help co workers clean theaters after the show is over.