Right or wrong?

when I was in high school, there was a girl that would bend in front of me to talk to the person sitting in front of me. We had strange seating arrangement so it was basically her 🍑 in my line of sight, everywhere except my peripherals which I might have seen the teacher. But it didn't matter that much because it would be the first 5 minutes when the teacher is trying to figure out which period it is, and where the roll call is. Back then I used to think she was just trying to peacock me or get my attention. But now I've come to realize she was really trying to get arise from everyone else. So she really didnt care about me at all. I was basically just her victim. I never felt victimized because who doesnt wanna look at butt, I mean cmon. But basically she used me for mockery and to make a fool of me, because she thought it would be funny if her 🍑 was right in my face. So I noticed she only wanted the attention from everybody else laughing at me, to boost her own validation from everyone else, if that makes sense. I suppose that was her logic, but I dont wanna sound like a woman hater, but I think thats how the majority of female psychology works, they don't care how you actually feel, they just want attention: whether its from you or everyone else. Feel to free to disagree, but please provide a strong argument or example of why you disagree. If you just disagree and feel entitled to go unexplained then you might as well not even answer.


I avoid those like her and don't give any attention to them. They are Narcissists and they need Narcissistic Supply(Your attention) to survive. Take away your attention(Narcissistic Supply) and she goes away to pout and get mad.



Jimmy C

Unless she told you specifically that you were her 'victim', that is only an assumption on your part. Maybe that is true, or maybe she was trying to get your attention. Either way, if i was in your position I would not care about her motives. I would just enjoy the view and not worry.


Woman try use mind trick on man . you never feel shame from woman. . woman does not have any muscle so she used mind control with body