So which is his real personality?

This guy has been married for many years but no children. His Wife doesn’t have big boobs or neither does she dress sexy , she is not very pretty Also and she dressed simple, shirt and jean. This guy whom I know recently, don’t ask me how I know, I found out he likes young ladies with big boobs and dress sexily also. He always hang out with young pretty ladies , all the ladies are all pretty , I have never seen any ugly ladies.... one day he met up with a random gal and this gal gave him a bj( he told me). My question is - he acts like a gentleman with all the ladies friends but he acts like a desperado with random gals. So which is his real personality and of course, he acts desperately with me also as he did told me he wants me to bj him but no sex involved. So he has 2 personality? So is he a good guy or bad guy?


He has one personality, and his character can be summed up in one sentence: he is a selfish man who has no concern for his wife, his marriage, and the vows he mad. You sound like you're the sleazy lady friend who gave him the ********. Or at least one of them.