How do i create a sense of change in my life today?

i ve been kind of stuck in a shitty place recently and i realized that as a result my personal hygiene is in the trash, my physical space is a disaster, and my motivation for life is running thin. while i ve started working towards some long term goals like eating better and cutting off negative self-talk, i feel like i need some way of getting a more immeadiate sense of change and renewal in my life. im looking for suggestions that ARENT long term goals, rather small things i can do today to get myself on the right track. some examples that im trying to implement already are things like: cleaning out my whole room and rearranging some of the furniture, throwing out things ive been holding onto for too long, taking a good long shower and getting my hair cut, etc etc. thanks always, and may the future look brighter for all of us :)


eat pizza