What thoughts are in the head of someone who suffers from severe anxiety?



Negitive thoughts. They over think what can go wrong and underthink what can go right. I used to suffer from severe anxiety


Honestly I had severe anxiety (now it's non existent or very mild) It feels like you're doomed , like you will die in this current second (I'm talking about fear of death anxiety) Your brain thinks rapidly about all the negative things you might experience (depending on the triggering factors) It will miss you up , panic attack by panic attack , by time you'll get used to it and learn to fight it The only way to get it under control I'd by the help of a professional , to uncover the fear that's triggering it (IF it's a fear of cancer for an example , they'll give you a check up to see , you'll be relieved when you don't have any) It's really limiting but you can live through it like it's non existent by time .


Many thoughts from “what the **** is going on” to “I need to get out of here right now” constantly on loop.


theyre probably not thinking straight at all


You'll suffer when no one is even around. The fear of death and people looking at you get you down,


All the thoughts at once