What to do about awful sounding windows 10 bluetooth audio?

I used to have tdk a33 and it had two modes: one was stereo, and one was really shitty one, maybe called handsfree maybe called something else i do not recall, but there were two options for tdk a33, and stereo was the good sounding one.. Now that I connect my akg y50bt to my win 10, it is listed as "akgy50bt hands free" and its the same shitty bassless mono audio (that sounds like a phone call with bad reception) that was the other one of the two modes when i was using tdk a33. the problem is that this time i cannot choose from two, but only have one shitty mode. edit: in windows 10, tdk a33 had those two modes, android devices do not have this "windows 10 shitty mode" for bluetooth audio devices

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Probably because your listening to compressed Audio with the inaudible parts cut Out and this makes the file sizes smaller But looses quality in my opinion so Invest in a record player for full wave signals That have all the audio spectrum in them ok? Thanks Very Best Wishes Mars Source:) Life and times of Mars.

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Throw your computer in a river