Why does my bully remember the bullying wrong?

My bully reminded of when he bullied me in school. He said that they used to hit me although only four times i was physically hit (not beaten up). It annoys me that he remembers it wrongly as if they used to be beat me up daily. It was mpre verbal than physical.


I’ve noticed it’s quite common for people to change memories, enhancing situations from personal abuse to things they’ve done. It’s not a you problem, it’s their brain.

Judy & Charlie

This is typical and normal for someone who is a sociopath.....they will deny, minimize, rationalize and excuse what they have done to other people. You can depend on the fact that they will NEVER take responsibility for the harm they have done. Maybe you should hit him four times and then ask him to evaluate the situation now that you're even.


Mabye he just want to brag. He probably know the truth even tho he don’t say it