Why is it funny hearing a fat kid getting bullies?

Is it because you know he can beat the crap out of the smaller kid?


Those doing the bullying have low self esteem,a bad upbringing or a mental illness.

Pearl L

its not funny, he needs to tell the principal about his bullies and if he's lucky they nnight get expelled


No, it isn't funny. Many bullies come from homes where the parents are cold or uninvolved or have, in effect, taught their children to use rage and violence to handle problems. Children raised in such an environment may not see their own verbal attacks and physical aggression as bullying; they may even think that their behavior is normal and acceptable.


Erm no. Usually people who bully do it to someone less powerful to them in any way to make themselves feel more dominant because of things in their life, like a bad home situation, loss of friends, things like that. Fatter people are an easy target because a) they are much less athletically-prone and b) kids at young ages often discriminate with cruel things like weight, so fatter kids have fewer friends a lot. So on a social stance and a physical stance, fatter kids are easier targets for bullies. Is it right? No. Does it happen? Unfortunately yes