How can the sociological imagination be used to understand juvenile delinquency?



Juveniles of any form have a lot to learn. For me, just walking out of my cave creates the danger that I may never return to it. There are all sorts of dangers out there. A man on the hunt for his daily livelihood can be preyed upon by any sort of predator. Hunger is rampant and there is a lot of it. Just about everything is hungry and it is us who are fat juicy prey every moment and inch we crawl out of our den or hole or cave or home. Being delinquent in any manner in this civilization means smelling riper for predators trained in smelling out delinquent prey. So, be aware and stay safe. Reality is all just an imagination away....


Juvenile delinquency has been under the sociological microscope for 80 years and society chooses to ignore all the research because of vested interests exploiting delinquency and using it as social control.


Juvenile delinquency can be traced from how this child has been brought up in his growing stage. If he sees in its own home where behaviors are not acceptable, then, such thing can make the child imitate to do the same. Children are great imitators so that it is the parents and its siblings responsibility why such delinquency came about in its behaviors. To avoid having the child to become a society problem it is in its environment that push this child to do such unacceptable behaviors. So then, please let this child or anyone youngsters be in your own behaviors so that such scenario can be that you become its model of good behavior.


Anyone who advocates using "sociological imagination" is trying to push an opinion upon you that you would otherwise reject. Understanding individual character is all you need to understand any social issue.