Why do people tell panhandlers to get a job when it takes money to get a job?

You need clean clothes, you need good hygiene, if you gave them 5 bucks then told them to get a job then that might make more sense, but how does giving them nothing , but telling them to do something it takes money to do make any sense, please explain to me

9 incher

I see tons of idiots giving the drunks money


Human are predators. May not be out chasing down dinner anymore. We already have that pretty well taken care of. But we still have this predator instinct in us and it does find ways to express itself at times. One is when we see a panhandler as prey. We victimize the prey until we have had our fill. For some it only takes a momentary statement to release all that discontent seeking a victim to let itself out on. The prey gets it, waves you on and everyone is happy.


There are places where a person can get clothes for a job interview for free. There are many reasons why a person might not be able to get a job, but if it's really just a matter of needing to wash their clothes and face, there are ways that they can do that.

A Hunch

I have never told a panhandler to get a job. Every time I see a panhandler I say to him/her "how many jobs have you applied for today?" I only say this using my 'in my head' voice instead of my outside voice. But if I used my outside voice, I'm sure that over 98% of the time the answer is none. If a person has not applied for a job, they can't get a job. If they have applied for jobs and gotten interviews, I'm also sure that 98% of the time they will find kind people who will help them prepare for the interview.


Because people have freedom of speech that's why!!! If a panhandlers makes $50 in a day, do you see that panhandlers going to Wal-Mart to buy interview clothes??? No! You see him go into the convenient store buying cigarettes and alcohol with some of my money, so that's why people tell them to get a job So they can buy their own alcohol and drugs.


There are social service agencies that will help a job seeker clean up, dress up, and get to job interviews. These places even have a phone the prospective employer can call and leave a message. But, in reality, most panhandlers do not want a "real" job.


Plenty of shelters that will help anyone who is not a drunk.