Why is innocence and decency so hated? Especially when adults are innocent and decent?

I've seen how innocence and decency has become a very hated thing. Children and underaged teenagers are expected to grow up too fast and they are also expected to get into very age-inappropriate things, and adults are expected to show off their sexuality in many ways. I am a 23 year old female and I don't want to show off my sexuality at all. Not even in the less revealing way, like wearing some sort of makeup or high heels. I rather associate myself with the innocent girl next door type of girl than a sultry sophisticated enchantress. To be honest, I also still enjoy playing with some children's toys, because they can be very interesting, and I also love those children's experiment kits that come with some items and some types of ingredients, like the laboratory types of kits. I also like cartoons and moe anime (anime about innocent girls living their life), and I enjoy J-pop and Disney pop. When it comes to clothing, I love wearing clothes that are inspired by J-pop idol groups, and I also love colorful 80s and 90s style clothing. And people shame me for this, and people suggest me that I should rather be a sultry sophisticated enchantress type of lady, when I don't want to. And when I tell them that I don't want to be a "thot", they end up getting so angry about it and they accuse me of misogyny, when I actually don't mind it if some other female wants to be a thot. Why is innocence and decency considered so bad nowdays? And why do people want children and underaged teens to grow up too fast? What's wrong with humanity nowdays? I'm scared.


Because feminism is a brainwashed hate movement.