Donate for money?

Do you think people who donate organs/blood should be paid? Obviously unless they’re dead and can’t be paid for donating organs but people who donate a kidney, things like that, they’re do a massive favour for someone and getting nothing back for it and instead could end up ill themselves.


In the US selling organs is illegal.


Rich people write laws to protect their own means of building wealth and to prevent poor people from ever gaining a foothold in stability; therefore, you have to be prevented from ever using your body, a POOR person's only resource, to acquire startup money. That's why prostitution and selling an organ are both outlawed.

Bone Alone

Come on. Knowing that you saved a life, isn’t that enough. The friendship you make with the recipient, isn’t that enough. Just how greedy are you. Just kidding. I think there would be more donors if they know that they’ll get paid.


No. Because then poor people will be pressured to sell their kidneys to rich folks.