Paying money to volunteer...what should I do?

I have to get volunteering experience for grad school (health care field) and the hospital I was accepted to wants me to pay $60 for background check and uniform. It's a good opportunity, but all of the other hospitals in the area only charge $10-$15. My brother is telling me that I should go through with paying the $60 because it would be a great opportunity, but I am not sure. It just seems like a lot of money to put up for volunteering. Am I wrong for thinking this? I don't know. Today is the last day to pay and I am not sure what to do. It's a lot of money that I don't really have right now and if I can pay less somewhere else, should I give this opportunity up? I appreciate any advice. Thank you!! It is a better opportunity because it's actually hands on experience instead of just volunteering at the gift shop, etc.


If the hospital is the best one in the area, go for it. The $45 difference is nothing.


If your brother says it is a better one, then take it! When I was growing up the hamburgers were only .15 cents with quarter pound. Now the least expensive beef is over $4. a pound! Things change throughout life and we need the best we can in education!