If most of Antifa have vetting degrees of mental disorders and drug addictions, isn't that a sign that they shouldn't be taken seriously?



What do you expect from losers.


I've come to realise that most of Antifa are simply thugs looking for a fight and use the whole 'anti-facist' mantra as an excuse to bully, harass and even physically assault people who in most cases, aren't fascists. They remind me of football hooligans here in the UK.

Hog Warsh

Statistically, liberals have more mental and emotional disorders. It's a product of either a privileged upbringing or of living off of the state. In both cases, this enables the mind to wander rather than focusing on actually having an individual forward momentum. This is where the mental disorders come in. Have you ever wondered why they are so obsessed with Donald Trump? It's because the liberally biased media controls their mind. They are generally more impressionable because of mental problems. Democrats have always pandered to the emotional and sparking outrage - focusing on faux issues like racism, white privilege, sexism, etc. By painting a picture like we are living in some kind of alternate reality, where humans in America are oppressed and not as equally able to pursue a good life as the next, they get their votes. It's much easier to blame a personal failure on others rather than taking responsibility and learning from mistakes to create forward momentum in one's own life. It's like when you hear the popular 'you're uneducated' statement or some other insult toward a contrasting opinion - yes, a lot of them are educated, know a lot of stuff. However, they are most likely saying that behind the guild of 50 to 100k in student loan debt. If so smart you are, why does the system owe you something and why did your superior education reduce you to trolling internet forums? https://nypost.com/2019/01/16/liberals-are-reading-way-too-much-into-trump-news-stories/


Anyone with a mental disorder that makes then a danger to others should be taken VERY SERIOUSLY.

They Pelted Us With Rocks And Garbage

Is claiming you know this about a rather vague group which has no membership lists or organization a sign of mental illness or just being a lying turd?


Not watching your link, but evening assuming it's correct, the main purpose of a group like Antifa is to send a strong signal to their opposites (the far right, who most certainly have have mental disorders and drug addictions) that we won't be intimidated. In that, Antifa has done an outstanding job and has my thanks.


what started out as americans opposing Nazis marching in charlettesville , was copied by the right wing to pretend they were antifa and start trouble .


Blue faced mental patient says "What?"