If Antifa is so tough, why are they so threatened by a tiny blonde girl?



ANTIFA are far-left cowards who only hunt in packs. What I find disturbing, with the complicity of the fake news they have appointed themselves sole arbiter who who's a 'fascist' and who isn't. People in the middle of the political spectrum be warned, when they've finished with the far-right they'll begin targeting YOU.


Because Antifa are just a bunch of scrawny, unemployed incel LARPers and their feminazi overloards that know f*ck all. Everything makes them nervous.


It must be true because you saw it on YouTube. Antifa is an unemployed lesbian couple living in a loft apartment in Boston. I think it's cute how you snowflakes like to pretend that it's some powerful, sinister organization. Here's a tissue. Go to your safe place. A good example is the chickenshit below me.