How do you deal with indirect insults?

For example someone come close to you and say: You look like **** like if he is talking to his dog but you know he is mean you


just a bully. best to ignore


I would say "thank you". Take the high road.


"Smile and wave, boys. Smile and wave." -Skipper Just pretend you didn't notice and let them bask in false glory. Best revenge in the world!


Imagine choking him out right there on the spot. Jk Just ignore it tell them that’s what you thought about them.


"Community Service" How did this get here? Regarding the question, there's not much you can do unless they put it in writing or you record it in a public place. If it's just a one-off thing and not constant harassment, it won't mean enough to lawyers. Best to just realize you look smoking hot like the pic and ignore them.

Jackie M

Ignore it and don't give it another thought as I have more in life to worry about than what people say or think about me