Can someone on SSI foster children and still receive benefits? Also if yes how does one start fostering? And can the foster parent choose?

what ages to foster? Thank you.


Yes. The income you would receive as a foster parent is support for the foster child - it is NOT YOUR income. If you want to foster children then contact the dept of social services.

Teddy's Mom Chiliswoman

Yes, people on SSI can foster children. They will be evaluated by a home study to ensure the children will be fostered in a safe home, with responsible adults, who are not fostering to gain income. Their finances will be evaluated. They will have a criminal background check and will need to provide references. It is not easy to become a foster prent. Nor should it be, it is a very heavy resposability. You start the process by contacting an adoption agency or the state social services.Most require you to attend a workshop before they will begin to interview you. The foster parent can express their preferences. They are not always honored. I wanted an infant girl, but was first offered an infant boy. I took him anyway, fell in love, and eventually adopted him. You can express a preference for a girl or boy, age, or race.


This would have to be discussed with the benefit recipient's case worker, as to whether they were mentally fit to be a parent.