Why isn’t Asexual and Pansexual included in LGBT? πŸŒˆβ€οΈπŸ§‘πŸ’›πŸ’šπŸ’™πŸ’œ?



Pansexuality = B Asexuality = why? Intersex should definitely be included if they want to be


The lgbt acronym has been around for decades. Pan and asexual have really only come around in fhe past 10 years. So pan and asexual are brand new terms and many are not sure they even belong there.


They are. (The "A" and the "P" are silent.)


I always thought asexual meant that you had no desire for sex. And pansexual meant that you would sleep with anybody. An asexual person doesn't need to belong to a group. And pan sexual is covered by bi sexual. I'd be curious to know if anyone disagrees with me. I'm a senior lesbian and thought I had everything covered.


Pretentious bisexuals are already counted under B. Asexuals aren't gay. Stop trying to horn in on our community, get your own.

Sasha Whitefur

They are. just not in the title.

The Magus

1) Asexuality is a lack of a sexuality of any type. 2) Pansexuality is a variant of bisexuality. 3) LGBT is a big umbrella that rather covers everything.


There are endless subgroups. While the title cant include all, we don't ignore their needs. As an example intersex. You don't see I in the name but the campaign for rights does include caring for and supporting the needs of intersex people.

good guy

actually a pretty good question...BUT...then it would have to be called the PALGBT community and some other group would demand inclusion, (and by the way, whatever happened to the Q?--i've heard it was the LGBTQ) and like i said, adding the P and A, geez, the line has to be drawn somewhere, right?

Original Sin

Apasexua, Asexual (or nonsexual), Demisexual, Omnisexual, Pansexua, Pomosexual, Queer and Questioning (or -curious or -flexible,like bicurious or heteroflexible) all fall under the LGBT umbrella. It'd be a bit convoluted to say AABDGLOPPQQ.


LGBT is a truncated acronym for a much larger one, commonly written as: LGBTQQIA or LGBTQ+