Why is Grindr so horrid?

All Grindr seems to be is spam, guys twice your age, couch potatoes who don't know what even basic hygiene is, anonymous masks, creeps and flakes. Like what the hell and the app expects me to pay extra for basic stuff like unlimited blocks, being able to sort profiles, etc. How do people get laid using this app, they must be desperate or on some sort of drug seriously.


You are not obliged to use sites like these if it upsets you. I suppose it depends how desperate you are.

Daddy Phantom

Yea, there's some pathetic people on there. It's really sad when some of these people even have a shot with me.


Why's it so horrid? Because it panders to the creeps that don't see the light of day and have their faces planted into their phones looking for girls because they're unable to do it in real life. Just get off the phone and do that stuff in person. Can't do it digitally.