How come people hate me so much and doesn't care if I end up homeless?

So people are so rude to me and says really nasty things towards me. I've done stuff back in my teen years and got my family estranged from one of my aunt and uncles. We've recently reconnected but there is still bitter towards me. I've changed for the better and now I am no longer a trouble maker. I recently got diagnosed officially with autism and so it explained my past behaviors. All of this problem with the family and relatives started back in 2006 over a dvd that I took from my uncles house without permission. I was immature and started trouble and got our families estranged for 10 years. Recently one of my cousins was talking about me and says how we've recently discovered that I am autistic. Her husband said whatever happens to him he is not allowed to stay at our house because he is a trouble and you need to remember that he got me arrested under false pretenses. He then said I don't care if he lives out on the streets in the cold, I don't want anything to do with him and he could lay dead in a ditch for all I care. I don't get why are they like this towards me over something I did long time ago. Why can't they just let go of the past ?


Because you did a really $hitty thing to your cousin's husband. You don't get automatic do overs by saying I'm sorry. Stop this poor me crap and get off whatever mind altering substance you're on. Get straight and sober (Salvation Army and others offer residential programs at no cost), come to terms with yourself in a 12 step program, prepare yourself for financial responsibility with some meaningful training, live for two years straight and sober and self sustaining, then go back to your family. Most of them are going to need to see proof of change, before they take you seriously. Why, because you messed them over in the past.

Teddy's Mom Chiliswoman

I doubt very much you are telling the full story here. What you describe doesn't happen because of one stolen CD. Start being honestwith yourself. Apologize. Prove by your behavior you are not thesame person.

Pearl L

cause theyre nnean, thats why