I'm 13 and want a chastity cage, I seriously doubt I can get my parents to get me one, anyway to cure my desire for this?



No one needs a chastity cage. I do not understand why people are no longer capable of self-restraint. At 13 you certainly do not need one. Sex should not be on the agenda for you at this age.


Sweetie, I think you need some therapy. You don't need a chastity cage. Number one: how will you keep yourself clean? And number two: you don't need to be thinking about having sex right now. A chastity cage was control device for women in the old days when the men went off to the war. If they messed around, so what. If their women messed around, all hell broke loose. You really need to talk to a counselor.


Why in the world would a 13 year old need a chastity cage of all things?

Original Sin

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