Serve country as transgender?

I am currently looking into serving in the air force as transgender. I see others are already serving . In light that they want to ban us,why is that if I want to give my life for my country? Isn’t that enough? I am not on hormones at this time and I can wait till after I’m out to start them. What’s this issue if I won’t cost anything for anything having to do with my gender?

Ms. Clones

The problem is the radical right have spent decades infiltrating our government, court system and now the presidency. Unless a miracle happens over the next few years radical right judge now in place are going to overturn virtually all civil rights laws in the coming decade. We will essentially become a copy of Russia. You can blame our countries pursuit of greed. Personally I'm saving every dollar I can. I'm also trying to accept the realization that I may have to eventually leave this country as it becomes a more hostile place for minorities. .


Part of the issue IS the cost. Trying to speak factually, without moral judgemebts either way, the argument made is that in the last decade there have been more people coming ut as Transgender in the military, and this has had a cost on the military. For a start many tried to claim funds from the armed forces for transitioning. Surgery, etc. Quite a few have also called for time away from the military WITH PAY whilst transitioning, which is a further cost with no actual benefit to the military. On top of this, the hormones used during transitioning make a person unpredictably prone to mood swings which can effect their combat ability. Having someone act irrationally because of hormone treatments in a combat situation can be extremely hazardous to the lives of the unit and the success of the mission. As a final consideration, the military had to try to work out ways for transgender personnel to feel and actual BE safe within the armed forces. Is it safe for example for them to share barracks with their former gender, or their new one? Is it likewise safe for the others in those barracks? Whether we like it or not there are ALWAYS bad people who lie in order to gain access to places they shouldn;t, and to gain the ability to do bad things. Of course thats a minority, but it has to be a consideration for the military leadership.


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