Sikhs are so peaceful, why are they attacked in the U.S? Have you ever seen Sikhs attacking or being aggressive? Then why?

Also, I am Sikh.. I have so many people that mug me or hate on me for no reason


The older generation Sikhs are gentle, friendly and peaceful. The young men have been lured into fast money, fast cars, drugs and violence.


The average U.S. citizen does not understand Islam and they don't understand Hinduism, they believe these to be this monolithic religions when it is no different than Christianity with 200+ different beliefs of Christianity. Thus Sikhs are on the terrorist watch list because they listen to Donald Drumpf and think they are all out to kill, when Obama wouldn't call Muslim's, Muslim terrorists, they wanted to drag him by the balls down Pennsylvania avenue.


Not sure. But are those guys with those big things wrapped around their heads the same as those people with red dots on their forehead? Because before I answer I need to know. Just say I met some not so nice ones.


Punjab? You look different to americans and youre placed in the same category as terrorists in their eyes They dont know

Actual Llewen

They were the BODYGUARDS for Indian Prime Minister Indira Ghandhi THEY MURDERED HER


They are different, and Rednecks aren’t smart enough to tell the difference

Lois Griffin

I don't know who that is.