Why do women in UK love Indian men so much but women in US don't like them ?

Is it because some people popularize Bollywood there ? Also white men in US love Asian women, in UK East Asians are ignored and rarely anyone dates them ( both the males and females ) as long as they don't cause trouble like other ethnic immigrants like Pakistanis , that's already enough for the native white British. So you never hear Asian males in UK complaining about women unlike in US because at least they still have Asian women.


I've never noticed that women over here are particularly fond of Indian men. And Bollywood isn't popular here except for within the Asian community.




It's illegal for white women in the UK to not love Indian males aka terrorist males. Here in the USA white women have freedom of speech, freedom of expression and freedom of association. But thankfully Polish people now outnumber non whites in the UK. Even surpassing Indians/terrorists as the biggest immigrant group. :^)