Who said black people aren't whites, read these points first you dumb fvck !!!?

Top 6 reasons why black should be included in the white race: 1. People feel they have opposite color names to each other's, so it makes people think they are really different which is not true because although their skin colors are different if black has white skin then black is the closest to white than those crazy white wannabe losers ( Asian, Mexican, Indian etc ) 2. A lot of Hispanic and mid east look white and also black, so logically black and white are quite the same. 3. Whites get along with blacks really well than other races. Whites share their money and women with blacks. Only to someone who is really close like brother, someone can do this. Whites only consider Asians as their worshipers. 4. Legendary Michael Jackson is accepted as white king not only by whites but also by the world. 5. Blacks and whites are bigger and taller than other races, other races are shorter 6. This Albino blacks picture tells everything,a picture is worth one thousand words


Maybe they dont want to be white? Its their choice


That makes absolutely no sense at all. Isn't a shame that humans can't just accept each other for our personalities, our characters, our kindness and our intelligence and forget about skin colour?


Why are you posting this nonsense anonymously if you feel so strongly about it, and why are you apparently unable to compose a coherent paragraph in English?


Black albinos look black. The features are still the same.


Fuzzy. Fuzzy. Fuzzy. Blacks are not white. ... what do you have against blacks being blacks?


Whom you are calling "black" and "white' are the same "color"! Back when I was 14 years old I had been given a set of paints as a birthday present. I wanted to paint some colorful flowers, over a tan back ground. I took the brown and added white to it and it became flesh! We are ALL the same color! Just different shades!